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GYXE > Наука и Техника > Has anyone talking about what a fraud she is actually TRIED... 9 января 2011 г. 14:45:09

Has anyone talking about what a fraud she is actually TRIED...

Гость 6 мая 2009 г. 09:02:22
 Has anyone talking about what a fraud she is actually TRIED the diet?? It's an extremely difficult one, so I don't imagine many of those who assume she's a fraud actually gave it a shot.

I would like to see one of you do this and report back. I study dietetics and natural medicine, and have studied Candida as well as worked with a researcher performing tests on a group of people who took up a Candida diet to help cure their allergies- I have been truly amazed at the results!! Just TRY this. You may not be cured, but you will undoubtedly see an improvement in your symptoms.
Beverley 26 февраля 2010 г. 10:58:38 постоянная ссылка ]
 I've been on the diet for a few weeks and have started taking the Pau D'Arco this week. I have to say, the diet, which thankfully is nothing to do with counting calories is absolutely brutal but I have already noticed a difference in my hair and skin and for the last few nights, my sleep has been good too. I wonder what it's doing to my insides??

I'm afraid that I'm with Ann on this (and good for her for making some money - she deserves it)

The reason that there is apparently no cure for MS and many other disease is because there is something far more important than peoples health these days - It's called "money". If cures were found for MS and other diseases, all of the huge pharmaceutical companies would be going down the drain.

I for one think that far too much emphasis is put on the Health Service and Pharmaceutical companies to keep us healthy and we should all be taking preventative measures to stop ourselves getting ill in the future.

I used to smoke, drink, loved coffee, sugar bread etc etc. The only thing I miss now is a cup of coffee in the morning.

Small price to pay I say.

Mike 14 мая 2010 г. 17:34:31 постоянная ссылка ]
 In 1983 Frank A. Oski MD wrote a book titled Don't Drink your Milk on pages 60 and 61 Frank A. Oski recorded that in 1973 2 PhD's from the University of Michigan discovered cow milk is one of the causes of MS.

Robert Cohen wrote Milk the Deadly Poison and recorded cow milk is 1 of the causes of MS.
As it turns out Artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors and dyes also cause MS.
Mercury, Lead and Aluminum poisoning also cause MS.
Industrial toxins from chemical sprays and molted metals also cause MS.
Parasites from certain animals when transfered to humans also cause MS.
Candida Albicans which is yeast clogs the colon and liver which also contribute to creating MS.

Mercury dental fillings cause MS. the way this happens is when hot meals go up against the mercury vapors are created which causes many different types of Neuro degenerative and Neuro Muscular medical problems and MS is just one of the many.

Not only Mercury, all of the things that cause MS also create the rest of the Neuro- degenerative and Neuro-muscular medical problems.

A British playwriter named Roger Macdougall declared in 1973 he cured his MS by a paleolithic diet.

I have 5 new friends that used to have MS, 1 had MS from cow milk, the other 4 had MS from artificials
All we did was practice prevention of everything that causes and aggravates MS, clean out their insides with the Roger Macdougall diet, drink lots of spring water and eat and juice fresh raw garlic along with fresh fruit and fresh vegetable juice fasts.

I recommend these books and internet info. Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal by Reader's Digest
Prescription for Natural Cures by James F. Balk MD and Mark Stengler ND
The Healing Power of Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients by Reader's Digest
My fight against Multiple Sclerosis by Roger Macdougall found online AOL or Google or Yahoo search engines.

As far as the MS Society and PhD researchers are concerned I would not give them any of my time or my money! I believe they have known all the causes, preventions, natural treatments and cures for every type of MS for a long time and have zero intentions of ever bringing out the answers.

For those of you that do not understand Big Bio-Techna, Big Chema, Big Pharma only make money with their drug based chemical treatments, in other words there is no money in cures for these 3 type companies or their PhD's.

Do not bother telling the MS Society, your MD or any PhD they seem to have a policy which is ignore anyone that tells them how they cured their MS. Your MD will also tell you that you are only in remission.

The highest education I have is that I am a high school graduate. Only I know how by process of elimantion to determine what causes any Neuro-degenerative and Neuro-muscular medical problem and how to clean them out of mine and anyones system.

All of a sudden life is good.


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GYXE > Наука и Техника > Has anyone talking about what a fraud she is actually TRIED... 9 января 2011 г. 14:45:09

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