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понедельник, 10 декабря 2007 г.
it is important Nastya 03:34:35
I`m sorry! but I`m from Russia, I want you to explain me how can I chat with other people in chat? I understand Engish isn`t very well! i learn it at school. please give me The reference on chat!!!!! I hope you will help me!!!;-)­
воскресенье, 2 декабря 2007 г.
Fully functional kidney for sale. Y... Гость 06:25:00
 Fully functional kidney for sale. You can choose either kidney. Buyer pays all transplant and medical costs. Of course only one for sale, as I need the other one to live. Serious bids only. Thank you. marine@ispx.com.ph/­+63918-3400793
пятница, 23 ноября 2007 г.
hi am a 27 year old guy want to sel... Гость 17:33:14
 hi am a 27 year old guy want to sell my Kidney.. Contact +919881070237 and my email id is rujubhatia@yahoo.co­m
Want to sell my kidney Гость 17:31:08
 Want to sell my kidney for $15000 + other expenses. Contact +919881070237. Am a 27 year old guy, blood group O+ve, i DONT SMOKE NOR DRINK and am pure vegetarian.
пятница, 26 октября 2007 г.
Cockroaches do carry disease. They carry and spread... Гость 09:48:12
 Cockroaches do carry disease. They carry and spread Salmonella, E Coli, and Typhoid.
понедельник, 15 октября 2007 г.
Take anafranil. Take it. It saved my life from that... Гость 09:46:46
 Take anafranil. Take it. It saved my life from that {censored} lost love sorrow. I left it for some time. The same Disorder. I started one more time, got back to normal and after some months I thought of quitting but it was a mistake again. 25mg every single night before bed-time. I don't care about life and do what I have to do.
Even add a 25 2 hrs before if you wanna have sex without PE.
Use it. Take it all your lifetime as I decided to do.
суббота, 6 октября 2007 г.
Your link does not work. would be interested to see it... Гость 01:05:49
 Your link does not work. would be interested to see it. hldtra@aol.com
среда, 3 октября 2007 г.
I feel they deserve way more then that Гость 23:13:47
 I feel they deserve way more then that
воскресенье, 30 сентября 2007 г.
To whom it may concern,I have been forced to take solian... Гость 18:16:24
 To whom it may concern,
I have been forced to take solian for almost 3 months whom I am not having pshchosis.
Can u tell me what is the side effect?
{censored} Yeung
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понедельник, 24 сентября 2007 г.
What is wrong with you you need a kick up the backside.It... Гость 14:08:34
 What is wrong with you you need a kick up the backside.It is easy either leave or kick her out.She is not what you need in your life. Before long you will be paying them credit cards bills as I suspect that you are paying everything anyway. What you need is a reelity check, your daughter will only learn off her and because you are not there because of work she has only her to look up to. Is it fair on you and is it fair on her? I think that you know ther answer to that question.You can either make her make your life a misery or start again somewhere new with your daughter. Yes take your daughter with you, make her have a life that she deserve, a good one with you and one more thing there is a thing called a laundry service for clean underwear.
вторник, 12 июня 2007 г.
What is with the title of this article? Preggo moo and Duh... Гость 04:51:18
 What is with the title of this article? Preggo moo and Duh? I think thats incredible disrespectful.
вторник, 22 мая 2007 г.
Eejut! Гость 13:53:47
понедельник, 2 апреля 2007 г.
Healthy drug free sleep coleus 12:25:59
 Fall asleep quickly and easily. Dermasleep’s property formula incorporates all natural and non-habit forming ingredients. Melatonin is known to induce drowsiness and deepen sleep. L-Theanine and 5-HTP are known to create a state of relaxation optimal for sleeping. Visit the site www.dermasleep.com for more detail about the product.
пятница, 2 марта 2007 г.
I am the same Гость 14:40:46
 I am the same
суббота, 17 февраля 2007 г.
I dont have one of these accounts but i always get... Гость 07:01:27
 I dont have one of these accounts but i always get nightmares from eating pickles before bed and we tried to research it but nobody has anything on it.

its all dill pickles. and with every kind its the same.
i wish i knew why though!

четверг, 15 февраля 2007 г.
Shyness, Diffidence. FJHBrandon 18:01:30
 i cannot get over my shyness. its been so long and i cant even talk infront of 6 people ina room. i cant call any guys. i cant even talk to em. im shy b/c i have a manly voice kinda...if you knoww what i mean and i really think im the ONLY girl in this world with a boy voice. and all the guys call me a guy. and all the girls when i call think im a guy and it really hurts me. its so0o0o embarassing and even my teacher does an impression of my voice infront of the WHOLE class. How can i get over this and knoww theres more people like me in this world? is there anyone with this problem???????

Shy Girl, Kacie.
среда, 14 февраля 2007 г.
8-} i hate those horor dreams Гость 14:04:11
 8-}­ i hate those horor dreams
понедельник, 12 февраля 2007 г.
Another victim of ACOA!Sounds like you recognize your part... Гость 11:24:26
 Another victim of ACOA!
Sounds like you recognize your part in things but it also sounds like you don't fully accept it. Lack of intimacy and trust is a killer for a relationship, believe me, i know. Once that trust and intimacy are gone, you may as well kiss the relationship goodbye. It sounds like the "out of town kiss" and the falling for the old boyfriend are just symptoms of a much larger problem within your relationship. How have your other past relationships panned out? Were intimacy & trust issues present or is this just with your wife.

Playing the blame game is of no useful benefit. Blaming yourself or your wife doesn't get to the heart of the matter. It's a long road to recovery, but it can be done, with alot of self introspection, forgiveness of yourself and others, and behavior modification.
суббота, 10 февраля 2007 г.
(:| Гость 03:42:42
понедельник, 5 февраля 2007 г.
hello ive been on the no carb diet for three days and... Гость 01:23:41
 hello ive been on the no carb diet for three days and drinking lots of water4.5 liters each day and i feel fine i did it before and lost 40 pounds in 3 months i felt fine do you have any suggestions.
воскресенье, 7 января 2007 г.
You have my permison to use Julies pic on your web site... Гость 18:25:09
 You have my permison to use Julies pic on your web site Mark R Julies Husband
Thank you all for your kind Words God Bless
пятница, 29 декабря 2006 г.
very very very well!!! Гость 02:44:00
 very very very well!!!
четверг, 14 декабря 2006 г.
I dont understand this question! Гость 17:37:39
 I dont understand this question!
вторник, 12 декабря 2006 г.
cool Гость 21:55:33
пятница, 8 декабря 2006 г.
at the moment i need to find out about the computer queries... Гость 15:33:12
 at the moment i need to find out about the computer queries and the use of '*' and '?' what they do, so i was wondering if you could help me out with it.

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