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GYXE > Женский форум > i also read the article and was very interested. i also... 26 апреля 2009 г. 01:31:39

i also read the article and was very interested. i also...

Гость 22 мая 2005 г. 00:54:07
 i also read the article and was very interested. i also wanted to know if it really worked. i ordered it but have not received it. i am afraid that it may not actually be true and i may have been ripped off. please let me know if you have heard otherwise on this product.
Ramona 23 июня 2005 г. 07:19:09 постоянная ссылка ]
 The website is www.maggiedrozd.com­
Hollywood Health & Beauty
9903 Santa Monica Blvd. #4444
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Sandra 3 июля 2005 г. 14:03:11 постоянная ссылка ]
 I am very happy with this "diet". Started 4 days ago and lost 5lbs. Slight diarrhea though. Hey, the lbs are melting off. Must follow diet plan in book. Cannot eat whatever you want. Follow plan, it works!!!!!!!!
Jerilynn 30 июля 2005 г. 23:45:23 постоянная ссылка ]
 Hi, I ordered the pills and diet almost 5 weeks ago. Am wondering why it is taking so long. I am hoping the diet will work for me. I've tried so many. Did anyone else take this long to receive the pills and diet?? Also, do the pills keep you from sleeping??
Judy Mantell 3 сентября 2005 г. 01:22:55 постоянная ссылка ]
 I would recommend going to this website and reading all the comments from people useing this method of losing weight. I am trying the not mixing protein and carbs, just started Tuesday and today (friday), I have lost 6 pounds and after a year of trying have broken through my 200# barrier I couldn't seem to get through. I am taking the green tea capsules, but that is all. You don't need the spice capsules and probably not the green tea. Check out:http://www.heal­thboards.com/boards/­showthread.php?t=631­19&page=1&pp=5
KerryW 2 февраля 2006 г. 19:56:32 постоянная ссылка ]
 How long did it take you to receive the product. Because it has been almost 3 weeks since I sent my order off. Please reply. Thanks
OVDONI 3 февраля 2006 г. 12:36:27 постоянная ссылка ]
 Hi i am really interested in this produst so i want to ask did it work or not and what was your effects please e-mail me at ovdoni@yahoo.com
thank you
Carmen 3 марта 2006 г. 17:08:36 постоянная ссылка ]
 Im 26 years old and I've been using it for a week and i lost 9 pounds with exercise and watching what i eat. it works. My mom who is 48 years old also has been using it and lost 7 pounds without exercising but watching what she eats. If you go by the book you can too! so give it a try my mom and I have!
lilith 11 марта 2006 г. 00:32:08 постоянная ссылка ]
 I got the Maggie Drozd book and pills yesterday. I read the book and I am going to start tomorrow. I ordered the book on Feb-22-06 and got it March-9-06. I am going to let you know weekly, if I have time on how I am doing. Just to let you know I ordered the 60 days because I have a lot to loose.
lilith 15 марта 2006 г. 16:15:05 постоянная ссылка ]
 I said that I would have a weekly update but I am doing good on this plan I have lost a total of 4 lbs in 3 days I know you should not weigh yourself but I wanted to know how I was doing. I do work out with slim in 6 in the mornings a 25 min work out. for those of you who are discouraged don't be just be patient drink lots of water and if you dont like it drink crystal lite that is what I do. I at least have 3 64oz bottles of water. if you have any questions please feel free to respond.
PennyCandy 16 мая 2006 г. 19:46:53 постоянная ссылка ]
 The Maggie Drozd diet is based on producing acid in your stomach to burn (thermogenic) the food you eat - period. That could be the reason you are now on another diet plan.
If you like the acid-reflux, heartburn, indigestion and diarrhea this diet causes. And the possible erosion of your esophagus, and ulcer like effects that eating anything causes, then this diet is for you.
tee 18 сентября 2007 г. 18:00:25 постоянная ссылка ]
 please people don't try this diet. you will only end up spending money for bullshit. the green tea capsules speed up your heart rate and the spice capsules will have you on the toliet. i dont know about other programs, but i do know that this one, that promises you can eat and live just like you always have been is a lie. if you want to waste money, then this is the diet for you.
Carmen 18 октября 2007 г. 15:08:11 постоянная ссылка ]
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Melanie Garner 23 октября 2007 г. 03:20:47 постоянная ссылка ]
 can u really eat whatever you want and still loose weight?
Lauren 26 апреля 2009 г. 01:31:39 постоянная ссылка ]
 i was just wondering, since youve been off of the diet, have you been able to keep the weight off or has it started to creep back on? that is my biggest concern of diet pills, i don't want to become dependant on any substance.
thank you!

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GYXE > Женский форум > i also read the article and was very interested. i also... 26 апреля 2009 г. 01:31:39

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